Weather stations registered: 834

Norway: 71
USA: 235
UK: 113
Switzerland: 7
Sweden: 25
France: 18
Poland: 4
Spain: 23

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2018-01-11 20:28:02
Caerphilly, United Kingdom
Station name: Caerphilly (Sunningdale) (view on map)
Brand: Davis
Model: Vantage Pro 2

2018-01-11 16:02:26
Montevideo, Uraguay
Station name: IMONTEVI49 Parque Batlle (view on map)
Brand: AcuRite
Model: Professional Weather Center
Webcam: http://

2018-01-05 13:41:13
Torrelavega, Spain
Station name: meteotorrelavega (view on map)
Brand: Oregon
Model: WMR200

2018-01-02 12:25:43
Predosa , Italy
Station name: Predosa fraz Castelferro (view on map)
Brand: Davis
Model: Vantage pro 2

2017-12-30 10:10:10
Texel, Netherlands
Station name: Weerstation Texel (view on map)
Brand: LACross
Model: ws2350
Webcam: http://

2017-12-22 04:12:56
Kolltveit, Norway
Station name: Sotra (view on map)
Brand: Fine Offset
Model: WH-1080
Webcam: http://

2017-12-19 12:53:26
Sonneberg, Germany
Station name: Hasenthal (view on map)
Model: Davis Vantage Pro2 active
Webcam: http://

2017-12-12 21:13:01
Marietta, United States of America
Station name: East Cobb Weather (view on map)
Brand: Davis
Model: Vantage Vue

2017-12-02 14:35:32
Ouyen, Australia
Station name: Mallee Weather Watch - Ouyen AWS (view on map)
Brand: La Crosse
Model: WS2355
Webcam: http://

2017-11-26 12:27:47
Tonyrefail, United Kingdom
Station name: Tfa (view on map)
Brand: Nexus
Model: Nexus
Webcam: http://