Weather stations registered: 800

Norway: 68
USA: 215
UK: 108
Switzerland: 7
Sweden: 25
Poland: 4
Spain: 21

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10 latest weather stations is listed here

2017-05-21 14:08:38
Bristol, United Kingdom
Station name: Horfield/Filton Weather (view on map)
Brand: Davis
Model: VP2

2017-05-05 14:07:14
North Ipswich, Australia
Station name: North Ipswich (view on map)
Brand: Aercus
Model: Weather Ranger
Webcam: http://

2017-05-04 04:21:13
Tauranga, New Zealand
Station name: Tauranga Weather (view on map)
Brand: Weatherwise Pro
Model: WS-1081
Webcam: http://

2017-05-03 20:57:57
Shirley, United States of America
Station name: KMASHIRL9 (view on map)
Brand: AcuRite
Model: AcuRite Pro Weather Center
Webcam: http://

2017-04-28 16:55:17
Rio Grande, Argentina
Station name: IROGRAND2 (view on map)
Model: HP1000
Webcam: http://

2017-04-16 22:36:04
Mali Losinj, Croatia
Station name: IMALILO2 (view on map)
Brand: Froggit
Model: HP 1000
Webcam: http://

2017-04-14 14:21:41
DAL, Norway
Station name: Dal Weather Station (view on map)
Brand: DAVIS
Model: Pro2
Webcam: http://

2017-04-04 19:58:24
Penzance, United Kingdom
Station name: (view on map)
Brand: oregon scientific
Model: WMR300

2017-03-30 23:33:04
Eemnes, Netherlands
Station name: WeerEemnes Zegge17 (view on map)
Brand: Davis
Model: Vantage Pro
Webcam: http://

2017-03-25 16:33:57
Jerslev J, Denmark
Station name: Jerslev J (view on map)
Model: Davis
Webcam: http://