Make your weather website mobile friendly

The majority of weather websites function quite poorly on mobile devices. You are loosing important traffic to your site! It's easy to fix.

I changed the design on my personal weather website last year. I went from Flash only to a combination of both responsive design from Foundation, and Steel Gauges html5 scripts for presenting weather data on all devices - and I kept the Flash site from WD LIVE.

Google Analytics report that mobile devices represent around 35% of all traffic to my site. That means I more or less rejected quite a big chunk of the traffic before I went responsive.

Get Steel Gauges html5 scripts here:

If you want to get a fresh look on your website, you can download the responsive design start package at:

It may look something like this (standard Foundation template):

That's it. I do not make any money giving you this information, and I do not offer coding services. This is useful information only :)