Weather stations registered: 883
Norway: 71
United States Of America: 245
United Kingdom: 119
Switzerland: 8
Sweden: 26
France: 18
Poland: 4
Spain: 25
Greece: 17

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2019-08-28 12:53:40
Phoenix, United States of America
Station name: Cactus Wren (view on map)
Brand: Davis
Model: Vantage Pro2 Plus
Webcam: http://

2019-08-17 12:48:19
Rushden, United Kingdom
Station name: Rushden Weather Station (view on map)
Brand: Davis
Model: Vantage VUE

2019-07-10 13:26:54
Lucca, Italy
Station name: Meteo Acquacalda (view on map)
Brand: Oregon Scentific
Model: WMR968

2019-07-03 18:02:05
Steeple Claydon, United Kingdom
Station name: Four Claydons Weather (view on map)
Brand: Fine Offset
Model: WH2650A-WIFI1930A

2019-05-19 04:15:53
Station name: Carina Weather (view on map)
Brand: Davis Vantage Vue
Model: #6357
Webcam: http://

2019-05-11 16:54:13
AARBURG, Switzerland
Station name: AARBURG (view on map)
Brand: Bresser
Model: Wetter Center

2019-05-01 23:11:11
Lamia, Greece
Station name: LamiaWeather (view on map)
Brand: LaCrosse
Webcam: http://

2019-04-22 11:36:50
Gnesta, Sweden
Station name: Ösfk väder (view on map)

2019-04-22 03:43:00
Bayamon, United States of America
Station name: Bayamon Weather (view on map)
Brand: Ambient Weather
Model: WS-2902a

2019-04-16 04:55:56
Palatine, United States of America
Station name: Palatine IL Grealish Park (view on map)
Brand: WeatherFlow
Model: Sky and Air modules
Webcam: http://